Crestone Peak Disregarding Broomfield Health and Safety Requests

When a surprise announcement was made at the 6/13 Broomfield City Council Meeting that Crestone Peak Resources had filed a COGCC spacing application within Broomfield, City Council members immediately expressed unease.  In seeking to place 44 wells on 4 well pads over 1920 acres north of Highway 7, how would Crestone respond to CCOB requests to include the health and safety regulations being proposed by the Oil and Gas Update Committee?  Unfortunately, that trepidation was warranted as Crestone has since been unyielding in its opposition to CCOB health and safety requests.


On 7/19 at the Oil and Gas Health and Safety Subcommittee meeting, officials from Crestone fielded technical questions from subcommittee members.  According to Broomfield resident Judy Kelly who attended the meeting, “Crestone indicated that it did not plan to cap and abandon any wells in the spacing unit, and that tanks could be openly vented to the air.  Both of these revelations seemed problematic for the Subcommittee, which plans to recommend that all operators in Broomfield cap and abandon unused wells in their designated spaces, utilize tankless systems, and utilize venting only where necessary.”

At the 7/25 CCOB Council Meeting, it was obvious that nothing had been resolved with Crestone.  CCOB Attorney William Tuthill confirmed that the CCOB staff had preliminary unproductive discussions with Crestone, and that CCOB still needed to meet further with Crestone to explain that their proposal was “not fleshed out all that well.”  Council Member Beacom said it was very important to Ward 5 to protest the Crestone spacing application since Crestone was “resistant to most of the stuff that the task force has come up with.”  Mayor Ahrens stated that CCOB should “absolutely protest Crestone” since Crestone “wanted to go around the process.”  He expressed that he didn’t understand how Crestone could consider doing horizontal and vertical drilling together, something which had the potential to be a “catastrophic” problem.

The COGCC hearing for the Crestone application is scheduled for 9/11 and 9/12 in Durango with any protests due by 8/28.  CCOB is expected to discuss possible protests of the Crestone and Extraction spacing applications at the 8/8 Council study session.


You can hear the entire oil and gas discussion part of the 7/25 Council Meeting on its recording (with the exception of early sound difficulties).  See link below at:

52:13 Introduction by Kevin Standbridge (Deputy City and County Manager)

52:55 Brief review of Oil and Gas Update Committee Community Forum by Tami Yellico (CCOB Staff) & Susan Speece (Oil and Gas Update Committee)

58:38 Spacing Applications, Pat Gilbert (CCOB Deputy Attorney) & William Tuthill (CCOB Attorney)

1:06:00 Public Comments

1:27:00 Council Member comments with questions answered by CCOB Staff