Oil and Gas Draft Recommendations and Timeline for Completion and Council Review

Thanks to all who attended the 7/20 Community Forum and/or submitted their comments to the Update Committee.  The 25 minute video of the 7/20 Community Forum is here.

Your feedback on the Draft was due by 5 pm Friday 7/21.  You can still read the Draft version of the Update Committee document here.

The Oil and Gas Committee, with the help of CCOB staff, reviewed citizen comments.  At the 7/25 Council meeting, Oil and Gas Update Committee Member Susan Speece said that the Committee received 165 comments and questions.  She characterized many as not very specific, but said that “there were a number of individuals who thought our setback of 1/4 mile was not enough” and “just one or two who thought it was too much.”

At the 8/3 Oil and Gas Committee Meeting, there were presentations and discussions on alternative site analysis and setbacks.  The video recording can be found here.

Next Steps, with tentative timeline:

  • The Oil and Gas Update Committee will complete a few final subcommittee meetings.
    • Mon, 8/7 9:00 AM Community Impacts Subcommittee – Property values & risks (to feed into new buffer zone approach that will be used instead of setbacks)
    • Mon, 8/7 4:30 PM Planning Subcommittee – Review new buffer zone approach and refine alternative site analysis for use in this new approach
    • Tues, 8/8 3:30 PM Legal Subcommittee – Review new buffer zone approach and discuss contractor Charles Taylor’s insurance analysis
    • cancelled Wed, 8/9 9:00 AM Health & Safety Subcommittee
    • Wed, 8/9 5:00 PM Legal and Planning Subcommittees meeting together to discuss new buffer zone approach
  • Thurs, 8/10 5 PM Oil and Gas Committee remaining issues
  • Thurs, 8/17 6 PM Oil and Gas Committee remaining issues
  • Tues, 8/29 6 PM Study Session with CCOB Council and Staff and the Oil and Gas Update Committee


* Air Quality
* Soil & GroundwaterTesting/Monitoring
* Historical and Cultural
* Oil and Gas Facility Siting Analysis
* Application Process/Requirements
* Project Design Standards
* Pipelines
* Noise
* Traffic
* Lighting
* Visual Screening
* Property Values
* Emergency Response
* Risk Management Plan
*  Insurance and Bonding

* Setbacks