Colorado Rising Announces Language for Six Ballot Initiatives for 2020

At 11 am on 1/7/2020, from the back porch of a home in the Anthem Highlands neighborhood with a drilling operation booming in the background, Colorado Rising announced its plan to put another setback measure on the 2020 ballot. A grassroots organization known for its support of proposition 112 from the 2018 election, Colorado Rising is proposing six different potential initiatives in order to see which one will resonate most with voters and has the most community support.

Ann Lee Foster, Communications Director for Colorado Rising said of the initiatives: “We have earnestly participated in the legislative and rule making process for the past year and have seen little improvement in the overall protections for Colorado residents and the environment from industrial fracking activity. We have little faith in these government agencies to reject corporate influence and make scientifically backed regulations.”

Several news outlets have covered the story, and the actual footage of the press conference can be seen here.

Here are a few links to stories written about the initiative: