Equipment Moves Onto Livingston Pad During the Week of Nov. 24 Before Completions Begin

Update:  The photo below is of the trucks moving equipment and portable toilets towards the Livingston Pad on Nov. 30. 

The City and County of Broomfield (CCOB) announced on Nov. 21 that Extraction Oil and Gas would begin moving completions equipment onto the Livingston Pad during the week of Nov. 24 in preparation for the completions phase to begin on the 18 wells. The completions phase consisting of fracking, coiling, tubing and flowback is currently scheduled by Extraction to run through August 2020.

There will be an increased number of sand and chemical trucks going in and out of the Livingston site at Sheridan and Lowell. Truck traffic is prohibited during peak hours of 7-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. Traffic violations can be reported to CCOB, along with continuing to report any health or nuisance impacts.  CCOB stated that the Liberty Quiet Fleet with Tier 4 engines will continue to be used by Extraction. Operations will occur 24/7.

According to CCOB’s announcement, “completions operations include the following:
● Hydraulic Fracturing – Pumping water and sand at a high pressure and rate to create a flow channel between the wellbore and formation. Depth ranging from 7,000 to 25,000 feet.
● Coiled Tubing – Coiled tubing is commonly used to mill out plugs that are set during the plug and perforation process during hydraulic fracturing.
● Workover rig – The workover rig will be on site after coiled tubing has milled out plugs in order to install a smaller diameter tubing in the wellbore to help flow the well.
● Flowback – After the wells have been fractured, milled, and have production tubing installed the flowback process begins. Initially most of the fluid that flows back is water.”

The layflat tubing to bring in the fresh water for fracking is in place. There are pictures of the completions equipment that can be expected onsite in CCOB’s announcement.