Submit Your Comments on Extraction’s Comprehensive Drilling Plan for the Livingston and Interchange B Pads by Jan. 20

Broomfield residents have shown that they have the dedication and knowledge to provide meaningful contributions to the discussions on oil and gas development in Broomfield.  In recognition of that tremendous effort, you are invited to once again share your concerns with the City.

On December 15, Extraction Oil and Gas submitted its Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) and Form 2 and Form 2A permits for the Livingston and Interchange B Pads to the City of Broomfield.  The operator was required to submit these to the City thirty (30) days in advance of filing the permits with the State. This requirement was included as part of the October 24 Oil and Gas Operator Agreement (Agreement) between Extraction and the City.

The City will spend the next two or three months reviewing the documents to determine if they are in compliance with the agreement that the City signed with Extraction.  The City will bring in technical advisors where needed to review the documents.

Here are some details to help you examine the plans and submit your comments.

Submission Deadline:  January 20, 2018

There is no formal public comment period but the City should have your comments for discussions with Extraction and the State well before the State March/April hearings.

Email comments to:

City Council at

Kevin Stanbridge at

Tami Yellico at

Individual City Council Member emails are listed here.

Group Comments:

If you are submitting comments on behalf of a group, please state in the first sentence who you represent and how many people.

Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP)

See “FINAL CCOB CDP and Exhibits for Submission 12-15-2017” at this link:

Livingston Pad Form 2 and 2A

Interchange B Pad Form 2 and 2A

What is Form 2 and Form 2A?  Form 2 is the Permit to Drill and Form 2A is the Oil and Gas Location Assessment.  They are submitted to the State Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission by the operator after spacing unit applications have been approved.

For which pads did Extraction submit the plans?  Livingston Pad and Interchange B Pad

Where are the Livingston and Interchange Pads located?  There are very detailed site maps located in the CDP on pages 26-44, but here is the overview map.

What is the probable timetable for the permitting of the Livingston and Interchange B Pads?  Extraction will likely submit them by the January 18 filing deadline to the COGCC with the earliest possible hearings following on March 19 & 20.

What is in the Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP)?  It is a 734 page document detailing how Extraction will develop 19 wells at the Livingston Pad and 17 wells at the Interchange B Pad.  Please do not feel overwhelmed by the size of the document.  Read the Executive Summary and sections of concern to you.

What areas are covered in the CDP?

Executive Summary & Plan p.3


Location Drawing, Detailed Site Plan and Package – Section (A) p. 21

Also see COGCC Form 2 & 2A’s located here:

Site Plan for Site Preparation, Mobilization and Demobilization – Section (B) p. 21 (also)

Project Schedule – Section (C) p. 45

Reclamation – Section (D) p. 52

Noise Impact Mitigation Plan – Section (E) p. 64

Lighting Plan – Section (F) p. 128

Traffic Management Plan – Section (G) p. 151

List of Permits – Section (H) p. 395

Air Quality Impact Mitigation Plan – Section (I) p. 398

Emergency Preparedness Plan – Section (J) p. 411

Facility Baseline Surveys – Section (K) p. 435

Facility Emissions Inventories & Air Quality Impact Studies – Section (L) p. 486

Noise Modeling – Section (M) p. 539

Hazardous Materials Management Plan & Waste Management Plan – Section (N) and  Section (O) p. 542

Water Quality Plan – Section (P) p. 549

Stormwater Management/Erosion Control Plan – Section (Q) p. 603

Risk Management Plan Section – Section R p. 606

Grading, Drainage, Dust Mitigation & Erosion Control Plan – Section (S) p. 621

Wetlands Protection Plan – Section (T) p. 624

Electrification Plan – Section (U) p. 660

Visual Mitigation Plan – Section (V) p. 690

Alternative Site Analysis – Section (W) p. 709

Weed Control Plan – Section (A) p. 725

Why didn’t Extraction also submit the Northwest and United Pad documents?  That is not addressed in the documents, but the Agreement with Broomfield specifies that Extraction will drill a few wells on the Interchange Pad first and then move to drill on the Livingston Pad.  Extraction has told the City to expect the Northwest and United Pad documents in mid January, in line with a February submission to the COGCC with the earliest State hearing on April 30.

When will the construction phase begin on the Livingston and Interchange B Pads?  Pipeline as early as first quarter 2018, Interchange B Pad second quarter 2018, Livingston Pad third quarter 2018.  Well pad total construction time 1-4 months.  (p. 48)

When will the drilling phase begin?  Interchange B Pad fourth quarter 2018.  Livingston Pad first quarter 2019.  “It is estimated that each well on the well sites will take an average of 4 to 10 days to drill depending on the lateral length and complexity of drilling. The estimated range for all wells to be drilled at each of the well sites is between 2 to 6 months. Drill rigs are expected to be removed from the site within 30 days of the completion of drilling activities.” (p.49)

How long will the completion phase be? Hydraulic fracturing will take approximately 2-4 months per pad.  The entire completion phase will take approximately 8-10 months per pad.

How long will the production phase be?  Around 30 years.

Overall project schedule p. 51